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Special Needs Dogs

If you have a puppy, injured dog or senior dog, you’ve come to the right place for grooming!  Our trained groomers are very knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with special needs while grooming.


As we all know, puppies carry a lot of energy! Additionally, grooming can be a new and scary experience for puppies. Our groomers make sure to keep your puppy calm and comfortable at all times to give the puppy a positive experience.

Tip: Touching your puppies’ paws frequently can help to make your dog more comfortable when it’s time for nail trimming!


Older Dogs:

Older dogs often have conditions such as arthritis, impaired vision, and difficulty hearing. Because of this, older pets sometimes have special needs that we must consider when grooming.

Older dogs can not always tolerate standing on our grooming tables for long periods. Our groomers find that allowing an older dog to sit or lie down for much of the grooming eases the stress of the process. Our hands-on approach allows for communication when a dog is hard of hearing.  Our groomers are there for your pet’s aging needs.