Full Service Dog Grooming

The Grooming Lodge is staffed by experts, up to date on the current trends, who are also animal owners and lovers. With a focus on safety and relaxation, all grooming is done in the front area where everyone can watch and feel comfortable that their pet is getting professional, loving care. Our full service grooming includes:

  • A thorough inspection of your pet for matting and obvious health concerns

  • Brush out to remove matted or shedding hair

  • Trimming of nails

  • Inspection of foot pads for excess hair and debris

  • Cleaning and plucking of ears

  • Bathing; using a shampoo specially formulated for the specific coat needs of your pet including a conditioner if needed

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t like to rush our grooming sessions since quality work does take time, plus we enjoy spending time with the dogs and want to make each grooming session as enjoyable as possible for your dog. That being said, a grooming session typically will take between two to four hours. We do schedule puppies and older dogs in the morning for an express service since they have special needs.

How often your dog should be groomed depends on the breed but on average, 4-6 weeks is typical. Dogs with longer coats will require more frequent grooming and should be groomed every 3-4 weeks.

The grooming cost really depends on size, breed, temperament and condition of the dog. The best way to give you the most accurate cost estimate is to bring your dog in so we can see it in person so we can discuss.

Usually, we book our appointments 3-4 days out depending on how busy we are. However, sometimes we can accommodate same day requests so we always recommend that you call us.

Each grooming session includes a thorough inspection of your pet for matting and obvious health concerns, a brush out to remove matted or shedding hair, the trimming of nails, an inspection of foot pads for excess hair and debris, cleaning and plucking of ears and bathing.

If time allows, we are happy to do that.

When you come in, you’ll notice our friendly and adorable shop mascots Estelle and Kimchi.

“Best dog groomer anywhere near Barrington! Dogs look great and everyone is so friendly. Very highly recommended!”

Alexis P.

“I’ve been bringing my Golden Retriever, Foley, to the Grooming Lodge for years. Everyone at the Grooming Lodge is pleasant and professional. They really care about their clients – biped and quadruped! I highly recommend!! And Foley gives them two paws up!!”

Carol R.

“They have a wonderful team there! My dog walks in with kisses and walks out with smiles and smelling and feeling great! thank you guys for taking care of my furry baby!”

Anthony N.